Internet of Coins to Bring about Change the Hybrid Way

The blockchain and cryptocurrency scene is getting popular and a lot of people want to be a part of the change. People who are already familiar with Bitcoin are now going even further to explore technologies like Bitshares, CounterParty or Waves and have been playing with the various token systems and smart contracts that are available on these platforms.

A lot of innovation and experiment is going on in the two industries but there is still a need being felt for an environment that brings all these initiatives together in an understandable and secure way. Internet of Coins (IoC) is working to create this place.

Internet of Coins is an environment for personal finance. As a decentralized platform it enables an optimally inclusive financial network, interlinking all digital forms of value. It allows you to trade digital assets and currencies peer to peer, with an easy to use interface and the opportunity to earn fees by participating as an allocator.

Hybridd is the implementation of the groundwork for this system. It is an interconnectivity platform with a node-to-node system. It forms a web, featuring the ability to connect value systems and synchronize ingoing and outgoing data flows by

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