Internet of Coins Building an Objective and Secure Platform

To enable decentralized personal finance for everyone, it means leaving any form of partisanship behind. So what standards can best be adhered to? One team has settled upon a universal carrier platform called Internet of Coins. It connects all blockchains to all participants in a global glass bead game.

The word ‘game’ is to be understood in a mathematical sense, as an agreed upon set of prior terms and agreements laid down in a kind of contract; the game rules. By furnishing the rules properly and transparently, Internet of Coins seeks to make personal finance less dependent on third parties. This makes crypto currency trading exactly that which its name implies, namely a medium of exchange. The team actively focuses on promoting objective trade, completely in a peer to peer fashion.

So how is this decentralized network run on a global scale, given limited local resources? That is the challenge the team faces, since data traffic on the internet is not plentiful in every geographical location, but sparse and fragmented in places.

To answer this question, it is imperative to look at the facts. What tested, time-honoured, and much used technology drives over 30% of global internet traffic? This data stream is known as the torrent protocol. Often wrongly associated with copyright fraud, due to the famous Pirate

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