Innogy Charges New Electric Car Fleet Using Ethereum Blockchain

Innogy SE, a subsidiary of German energy conglomerate RWE, announced that it has launched hundreds of blockchain-powered charging stations for electric cars across Germany through its e-mobility startup venture ShareCharge.

Carsten Stöcker, senior innovation manager at Innogy Innovation Hub, which focuses on the development of digital business solutions, announced on Twitter, “… 100s of EV Charging Assets all over Germany Blockchainified. E2E Product using asset-backed Crypto-EURO for payments,” and added that now there is “seamless affordable Electric Vehicle Charging on Ethereum BlockChain.”

The new e-mobility solution allows owners of electric cars to charge their vehicles at any of the new charging stations set up by innogy Innovation Hub’s startup venture ShareCharge, as well as already existing charging points by making digital payments in euros using the ShareCharge app.

This app is the world’s first e-mobility community platform that uses blockchain technology. Launched by the Germany-based startup ShareCharge, which will soon operate independently under its new name, “Motionwerk,” the platform creates a new sharing economy service for the e-mobility sector by leveraging the public Ethereum blockchain as a transaction layer.

ShareCharge uses three different types of smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. It deploys LibManager, which

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