India’s Bitcoin Google Searches Hit All Time High

Awareness of bitcoin in India has reached its highest level ever according to Google trend searches as the country still grapples with Prime Minister Modi’s shock tactic of demonetization which has recently exacerbated following a deadline of 30th December 2016 when all old ₹500 ($7) and ₹1,000 ($14) rupee notes must be exchanged.

India’s economy, which used to operate at 90% or more on cash, now face shortages of the new ₹500 and ₹2,000 notes, incentivizing some to look for alternatives as money has seemingly dried up. Mr. Shoran, an engineer, tells Washington Times:

“I remember standing in lines at banks from 6 in the morning until the afternoon and then finding out that they had run out of money.”

Bitcoin Google Searches Reach All-Time High in India

Interestingly, the data reveals that the remote region of Mizoram, which translates to the “land of the hill people,” has seen the highest level of interest. According to a government

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