IBM Watson Health and FDA to Collaborate on Blockchain Project

IBM Watson Health announced today a collaborative project with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration aimed at applying emerging blockchain technology applications toward the advancement of public health.

Through the use of blockchain technology, this project will explore efficient and secure ways for consumers to share their data and make better, more informed healthcare choices. This two-year research agreement will allow IBM and the FDA to explore ways of exchanging patient-level data from a number of different sources, including electronic medical records, clinical trials and genomic tests, as well as information trails from mobile devices and wearables. This process is currently limited by concerns about data integrity, security and breaches that persist with the existing system.

The initial area of focus for this project will target oncology-related data, with IBM Watson Health and the FDA planning to share their initial findings later in 2017.

The key element fueling this push is the IBM Watson Health platform. Launched in April of 2015 as the first commercially available cognitive computing system delivered through the cloud, this system will play a key role in analyzing high volumes of data, sorting through complex questions and proposing evidence-based answers.

Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi, Vice President of Innovations and Chief

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