Hundreds of Charging Stations for Electric Cars Blockchenized with Ethereum in Germany

Innogy, a subsidiary of Germany’s energy giant RWE created last year by splitting the renewable, network and retail businesses into a separate entity, has added blockchain capabilities to hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles (EV).

Carsten Stöcker, Senior Manager at Innogy Innovation Hub, publicly stated “100s of EV Charging Assets all over Germany Blockchainified. E2E Product using asset-backed Crypto-EURO for payments.” He further added that “EV Charging assets will be on public ethereum blockchain and further assets across EU connected soon.”

An image publicly shared by an etherean showing the charging stations map, the app, and his own car using the ethereum based charging station.

An etherean based in Germany took his electric BMW to one of these charging stations. Confirming it all works, publicly stated:

“Process was smooth and it felt like a regular, well-working service. Was exiting to know that an Ethereum transaction on the mainnet was involved in the

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