How to Explore Blockchain

Arno Laeven is a strategy and innovation consultant at Laeven Consult, and the former blockchain lead for global healthcare giant Philips.

In this CoinDesk opinion piece, Laeven offers his advice for organisations setting out to explore blockchain with a view to adoption, arguing that expectations need to be managed at this early stage of the tech.

Even though motivational speaker and author Simon Sinek has over 300,000 followers on Twitter, 80,000 on LinkedIn and his Ted Talk was viewed 30 million times and counting, most people still don’t do what he advises and start with ‘Why?’.

So, when looking at blockchain tech for your organisation, why would you want to get involved in a technology which is immature, where the legal framework is unclear and where business models are still hard to come by?

Immature technology

To start with the technology, sure bitcoin has been around for eight years now, and works extremely well for what it was intended: managing electronic cash without a central administrator. Yet, demanding anything beyond that on the bitcoin blockchain is complex, if not impossible, due to limitations such as scalability, throughput and privacy.

So along comes ethereum which aims to be a decentralised virtual machine

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