How Sustainable Will Bitcoin Be After the Apocalypse?

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Over the past few years, worldwide fears of an apocalypse-type scenario have increased quite a bit. The trend is likely to be associated with global economic turbulence, failed central planning, and the rise of tyrannical governance. With people believing doomsday may come to pass, many are hoarding various commodities like precious metals, and now even bitcoins. However, people wonder how sustainable the Bitcoin network will be throughout a global apocalyptic crisis.

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Are Rich Silicon Valley-Types Hoarding Cryptocurrencies for Doomsday?

How Sustainable Will Bitcoin Be After the Apocalypse?The New Yorker recently published a lengthy editorial called “Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich” detailing some interesting findings on the world’s wealthiest preppers. Of course, the individuals are hoarding the usual supplies of precious metals, rations and building unique bunkers. But one particular rich-prepper,

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