How Much Of A Pullback Can We Expect? / By Avi Gilburt / 25 January 2017

First published Sat Jan 21 for members:  Bulls and bears in this complex probably need a Xanax by now.  This market has swung so dramatically over the last several years that many are probably so whipsawed that they don’t know which way is up.  But, for now, the market is setting up in a manner to take us up even further in 2017, and potentially even further than many believe.

As I noted last weekend, silver has finally joined the party, and has completed quite a full 5 waves up off the lows, and potentially even more.  And, as stated last weekend, since everyone was looking for a pullback coming into this past week, the market did just the opposite and continued higher early in the week.  So, can we see more of a pullback in the coming week?

Well, I will say that a further pullback in silver would provide us with a really nice inverted heads and shoulders in the silver chart.  But, again, that just may be too easy.  You see, when the greater market sees the potential for any type of heads and shoulders patterns, especially

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