How Government Organizations Can Set the pace for Blockchain Technology Adoption

All types of organizations stand to gain new benefits from blockchain technology, but governments are uniquely positioned to not only gain such benefits for themselves, but to help establish blockchain infrastructure that benefits all business and consumer sectors.

To assess the progress that government organizations are making in this area, the IBM Institute for Business Value released a report, “Building trust in government; Exploring the potential of blockchains.”

With the support of its economist intelligence unit, the institute surveyed 200 government leaders in 16 countries on their blockchain experiences and expectations.

Governments Study Blockchain

The survey found government organizations are exploring how blockchain technology can impact operations in a number of areas. Ninety percent of government organizations plan to invest in blockchain technology for regulatory compliance, financial transaction management, asset management and contract management by 2018. Seventy percent expect blockchain to significantly disrupt contract management, an area often at the intersection of the private and public sectors.

Fourteen percent of respondents, called Trailblazers, expect to have blockchains in production and at scale in 2017. They

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