How Digital Currencies Help Create Real-World Solutions, Explained


You can go your own, ‘self-serve’ way, or use some of the many available tools and services which can facilitate the process of starting your company.

If you have found a problem you’d like to solve, there is nobody to stop you from doing everything on your own: finding a team, securing funding, developing the product, etc. However, there is already a whole range of services and instruments out there, which may greatly ease all these processes for a beginning entrepreneur.

There are various ICO platforms out there that allow you to set up and release a cryptocurrency token in mere minutes, which may then be sold to your audience, assuming you’ve already built one, to raise the necessary funds. There are also many consulting agencies, who can research and evaluate the viability and value of the proposed Blockchain solution on your behalf.

Going even further, there are organizations, that have taken the concept of real-world business incubators and adapted it to the Blockchain industry. One such example is Adel, a community-centered project funding platform. It is built on the Blockchain of the Nxt cryptocurrency and is currently undergoing a round of ICO funding.

The stated purpose of Adel, after the launch, will be to build a community of enthusiastic Blockchain innovators. They will help them start up new companies, facilitating the entire process from an idea, through funding to a working use case. This kind of continued support throughout all phases of development is vital for a young company in the nascent market of the Blockchain.

If you are interested in the product of Adel and want to take part in its fundraising campaign, find more info on its homepage.

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