How Buying Real Estate With Bitcoin Netted a US$1.3m Profit

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People who invested in Bitcoin at an opportune time now have a chance to reap some of the rewards. Although not every person buying Bitcoin has seen a successful return so far, things have definitely improved over the past 6 months. One Bitcoin user in California managed to buy a house with Bitcoin profits. In the end, this real estate transaction resulted in a US$1.3m profit. It goes to show it is never being too late to invest in Bitcoin.

There have been some correlations between Bitcoin and real estate in the past. Tenants involved in cryptocurrency would like nothing more than to pay their rent with Bitcoin. In some cases, people even buy a new property with Bitcoin, either directly or with the profits obtained from selling it. In most cases, users still have to convert Bitcoin to fiat currency, though, but that situation may come to change in the coming years.

Buying Real Estate With Bitcoin Can Be Profitable

One California man used his Bitcoin earnings to buy a property not too long ago. Although the real estate agent was not too sure about using Bitcoin for this purchase, both parties came to an agreement

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