Tutorial: How to buy Bitcoin with cash quickly and anonymously


Over 100 000 outlets ! To buy your vouchers in cash and CC anonymously.

2 Minutes ! To buy bitcoin with your voucher.

30 - 45 minutes ! You received your Bitcoin on the wallet of your choice.

1 - Buy your voucher ( PCS Mastercard - Paysafecard - Transcash - Neosurf... )

The first step to buying bitcoin and buy your voucher in  over 100 000 outlets.
Go to your tobacconists, newsagents to buy in cash or by credit card the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy.
You have the choice between several vouchers.
Where to find them ?
Click on the voucher of your choice:

You can buy vouchers of € 10 - € 20 - € 50 - € 80 - € 100 - € 150 - € 200 - € 250 at any time.

2 - Create your Virtual Wallet

This step is necessary only if you do not have a virtual wallet https://cdn-images-1.medium.com/max/800/1*NEWfXAoCASu-ZM9gLkMEJw.jpeg

To receive your Bitcoin you must have a Bitcoin wallet (address).
You can create as many virtual wallets as you want by signing up for free.
Once registered, your virtual wallet is created and you will have an encrypted key, which matches your virtual wallet address, you can use your bitcoin wallet to receive or send bitcoin anywhere and at any time.


3 - Buy & Receive your Bitcoin

After the first 2 steps done, go to the purchase form for your voucher.
1- Enter voucher code
2- Enter the amount of voucher
3. Enter the address of virtual wallet
4. Enter your mail address
5. Confirm

If the information you have receipts are valid, the command will display a few minutes later in your dashboard.
Orders are processed within 30-45 minutes on average.
For security reasons the transfer can sometimes take longer, we guarantee the transfer in maximum 24 hours.