How Blockchain Could End Travel Industry Pain Points

Trond Vidar Bjorøy heads new product development and implementation for Nordic markets at travel management firm ATPI.

In this opinion piece, Vidar Bjorøy argues that blockchain can eliminate a number of pain points for both travellers and travel companies. 

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At this point, most blockchain enthusiasts know that distributed ledger tech has potential beyond fintech. Yet, one industry that hasn’t seen much attention from those enthusiasts is the travel industry. And it’s one that deals regularly with a number of pain points that blockchain technology has the potential to solve.

Here are some of the more notable issues and how blockchain could help:

1. Overbooking

Everyone saw that man get dragged off a United Airline’s flight last week, right?

Blockchain’s ability to prevent double spending could in theory remove the problem of double bookings in the industry, which would hopefully (for both passengers and airlines) eliminate instances like this from happening.

It should be noted, though, that overbooking is very much a part of a decades-old strategy to increase profits and optimize resources, so unless the practice is made illegal, it might not be the use case that will drive widespread adoption of blockchain in the travel industry.

2. Fraud

Merchants that sell travel are typically seen

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