Guess ‘Who’ Just Figured Out The Fed Is Behind The Curve / Via Kevin Muir of The Macro Tourist blog / Feb 27, 2017 5:15 PM

I must admit, I had been expecting the Fed to be a little more hawkish over the past couple of months. Given how tone deaf they seemed during previous tightening periods when the US dollar was screaming higher and oil plunging to levels that would have resulted in entire states going bankrupt, today’s climate of rocketing risk assets and rising inflation seemed like a no brainer to err on the hawkish side. And I am not alone in this analysis. Recently Peter Broockvar, the Chief Market Analyst for the Lindsey Group published a great list titled “Why March Must be on the Table.” Broockvar went through a variety of economic metrics to demonstrate how economic conditions have heated up over the past couple of months. (the note was from last week, so some of the data is a touch stale)

On inflation:

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