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milesfranklin.com / by Andrew Hoffman / Feb 20, 2017

As I sit down to write on this “President’s Day,” I can’t help but consider how diluted the stature – and goodness – of the Presidential Office has become.  And this has nothing to do with Donald Trump personally, but the fact that essentially everything the post- Financial Crisis government has done has been detrimental to the public, causing the office to lose the admiration – and cache – it had when America was indeed “great.”

Unfortunately, a combination of unfettered global population growth; inexorable industrial competition; “bad trade deals”; unfavorable demographic trends; and abuse of the “reserve currency” has doomed America to fall back to at least the middle of the pack, which in many aspects it already has.  However, the largest part of this “plunge to mediocrity” – in which the purchasing power of its historically overvalued fiat toilet paper dramatically declines; yielding a material reduction in an already falling standard of living; is what will really shock the hundreds of millions of dumbed-down Americans that didn’t realize it was coming – yielding political, economic, and social changes unlike any in the nation’s

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