Documentary ‘Banking on Bitcoin’ to Hit Select Theatres

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A new documentary called ‘Banking on Bitcoin’ is to release in select theatres and VOD on January 6. Focusing on the 2008 financial crisis with many bitcoin advocates questioning early on why money was being controlled by central banks, the documentary highlights bitcoin as a ‘monetary revolution.’

Despite the fact that money has been issued by central banks for hundreds of years with bitcoin a person is able to send money digitally to someone else directly. All records are then held on the blockchain, bitcoin’s distributed ledger.

As bitcoin believer and convicted felon Charlie Shrem notes in the trailer, ‘bitcoin is the largest, social economic experiment the world has ever seen.’

Since its introduction the digital currency has grabbed the attention of many people. Not since the Internet has there been a controversial technology that has attracted media attention. And yet, while its countless early pioneers have sought to make it the currency of choice it hasn’t been an easy road.

 The Dark Past of Bitcoin

In the early days of its existence, the use of the digital currency has

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