Do Central Banks REALLY Control The Market? History Tells Us “No” / By Avi Gilburt / 9 March 2017

Price Action Over the Past Several Years

The market has rallied off the 2009 lows, and most people are convinced that the Fed powered the move.  In fact, most were certain that once QE ended, the market would drop. And, they currently maintain this conviction despite the fact that the market has continued significantly higher well beyond the cessation of the QE program.

Anecdotal and Other Sentiment Indications

“Markets are manipulated.”  “The only reason the stock market is this high is because of the Fed.”

Yes, I know.  We have all heard these reasons as to why the market is as high as it currently stands.  Most simply have not believed in the stock market rally, so they have been searching for reasons that “make sense” to them.  And, since they cannot find any reason based upon their fundamental perspectives as to why the market is so high, they simply default to “it must be the Fed manipulating the market.”

As for me, when I don’t understand something, it would push me to find a methodology which can appropriately explain why the market has acted in a way that most did

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