Disruption Not Included? Ethereum Alliance Shows Blockchain Shift

Startups, by definition, seek disruption – but that age-old trend is being bucked by developments in the blockchain technology sector.

As evidenced by the much-anticipated launch of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance yesterday, the new blockchain group is defined – and seeks to create value through – its diversity of members.

Over the course of two panels at a New York event, executives from JP Morgan, Microsoft, CME Group, ING and BNY Mellon made one trend abundantly clear – if the ethereum blockchain is ever going to host a substantial number of assets, competitors of all types are going to have to learn how to play nicely.

But its not just billion-dollar enterprises that stand to gain by additional resources being invested on the private, permissioned versions of ethereum popular among regulated companies.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is also a consortium of startups.

From Nuco and ConsenSys (which are both founding members of the board of directors) to AMIS, Brainbot Technologies, Chronicled and Tendermint (which are founding members), startups too have much to gain and lose from the new approach.

Speaking during a panel designed to show a diverse sampling of the membership, the CEO of blockchain services startup Nuco said that the mix of

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