Decentralized Supercomputer: Inevitable Milestone on the Way to the Internet of Things

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Time is money, and the value of time in today’s world is only growing, especially when it comes to technological innovations. Quite often, time becomes a decisive factor. For instance, results of a scientific research delayed for some reason may cost a Nobel prize for a scientist, or even take lives in some cases.

In the era of computers, problems related to calculations and mathematical modelling take less time to process, yet as computational capacities of the machines grow, so do user demands. The need for reaching a new level of speed and efficiency resulted in creation of high performance computer aka supercomputer.

How It Started

The first supercomputers emerged in the 1960’s: they were unique monolith devices extremely powerful for their time, and equally expensive. Nearly thirty years later, the paradigm of supercomputers has shifted. Monolith

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