Cryptocurrency Analysis of Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ethereum Classic


Litecoin is testing a 3rd arc on the 3 hour chart as we speak. This is hardly a buy signal, but if it gets through the arc, we will likely see a rally over the next week or so to ~ $25. There are 2 energy points due later in the day. It is possible that the coin will break down. But in this era of a seemingly endless supply of money flowing into cryptocoins, it is more likely it will break upwards. Watch it closely.


This is another coin pushing through an arc pair. This is a 2nd arc pair, which is the widest of the pairs, so it could take another day or two to work it’s way through. When the next rally starts, the next arc is ~ $100. Watch this one too.


This was a sleeper that I missed. I looked at it a week or two back and mentioned/noticed that it had quietly doubled. But I wasn’t watching it carefully, so I

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