Crime Is Moving To The Dark Web In Croatia, Report Says

According to news site, Croatia has seen an increase in dark web criminal activity, recently. The report says, since the anonymity of the Tor network and dark net marketplaces, more and more potential criminals are using the dark web for their activities.

“Such people are more difficult to identify than on other conventional platforms, but that does not mean they are absolutely safe. Doing such activities on different layers of access to the Internet only allows a certain degree of anonymity”, said Kristina Posavec leader of the department of high-tech crime.

There were a couple of dark net cases where Croatian law enforcement authorities took part in. For example, the takedown of cybercriminal forum Darkode. Recently, a 22-year-old was arrested for ordering 115 grams of amphetamines from dark net markets. The drugs came in three packages, however, the last one was intercepted by law enforcement authorities.

According to Posavec, dark web becomes popular in the country as people discover what products and services they have access to. However, she added, dark net activity in the past few years became a problem for the Croatian government.

“There are plenty of these dark net markets that offer absolutely everything – from drugs, weapons

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