Clevermining Suddenly Shuts Down Smart Mining Pool

It is always somewhat troublesome to learn a popular mining pool is shutting down without giving users prior notice. Altcoin enthusiasts who were using the Clevermining pool will have to look for an alternative. The project has been shut down a few days ago. As of today, no one knows for sure what drove this decision. Clevermining remains quite tightlipped regarding this sudden change of heart.

Clevermining Suddenly Shuts Down

Over the past year or so, the Clevermining pool had successfully gained a lot of traction among altcoin enthusiasts. The mining pool positioned itself as a pool supporting “smart mining”. This meant the platform automatically switches between dozens of Scrypt coins to mine the one that is most profitable at that time. All generated coins are sold through exchanges, allowing companies such as Clevermining to pay miners in Bitcoin directly.

Although smart mining altcoins is not necessarily all that profitable, having a pool do all of the switching-between-currencies legwork is quite intriguing. All users needed to do was direct their mining hardware to the Clevermining pool and enter their Bitcoin wallet address as the username. Profits were

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