CIA’s Dirty Cyber Tricks Exposed: “UMBRAGE” & Potential False Flag Attacks” / Via Matthew Vadum of Canada Free Press / Mar 8, 2017 1:06 PM

Troubling questions about “Umbrage” and potential false-flag attacks.

The Central Intelligence Agency now can mimic foreign intelligence agencies’ hack attacks by leaving electronic “fingerprints” creating the false impression of a foreign intrusion into computer networks, according to claims accompanying a new WikiLeaks document dump.

In other words, there may not be hard evidence that CIA operatives, say, used cyberspace to create a modern-day Reichstag fire to undermine the Trump administration, but it may be the case that the CIA has the technological capabilities to do such a thing, if it were so inclined. This assertion that the CIA can hack computer networks and leave behind convincing evidence that somebody else did it, comes with the release by WikiLeaks of a huge collection of documents – 8,761 items in all – collectively dubbed the “Vault 7” leaks that purport to describe espionage techniques used by the CIA. The Vault 7 collection is said to have come from a former U.S. government hacker or contractor associated with “an isolated, high-security network” within the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Va. The files made public don’t include

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