Central Bankers With Itchy Trigger Fingers

milesfranklin.com / by Andrew Hoffman / May 3, 2017

In Rocky’s fights with Apollo Creed (2), Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and even Tommy Gunn, he looked like he would lose in the early rounds.  And yet, he came away victorious each time, to the chagrin of detractors, “experts,” and bettors alike.  Ditto for Donald Trump and the BrExit – even if, in those cases, the betting lines were rigged, and the audience “over sampled.”  Thus, don’t be surprised if Marine LePen – who for some reason, is considered a “longshot” despite having barely lost “Round One”; wins “Round Two” this weekend.  Let alone, running against a pathetically lame candidate who, in boxing terms, doesn’t hold a candle to Creed, Lang, Drago, or Tommy Gunn.  Frankly, even Hillary Clinton’s stature is Churchill-esque compared to Emmanuel Macron.

In yesterday’s “how will history’s largest bubble (and anti-bubble) end?”, I noted how outrageous it was that the stock markets of some of the world’s worst political and economic basket cases were rising – care of the most egregious market rigging in global history.  Clearly, it will end badly – very badly; and whether the losses are entirely in

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