Censorship-Free Social Network Respectonomy Announces ICO Beginning Feb. 1, Offering 25% Bonus On Day One

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Respectonomy, a decentralized, self-moderated social network that will allow users to share content without any fear of censorship and be rewarded for it, has announced its initial coin offering for the month of February. The site is offering a 25% bonus on the first day, Feb. 1.

The crowdsale seeks to raise 2000 BTC. The sale will automatically end when this cap is reached.

The initial rate of the Respect token will be 0.0005 BTC (1 BTC to 2000 RES).

Infinite Coin Supply

If the ICO does not reach its target, the amount raised will determine the number of tokens mined. The coin’s total supply is infinite, of which 5 million is pre-mined; 4 million for ICO participants and 1 million for bounties, translations, campaigns and early adopter bonuses.

A “signature” bounty and a Twitter bounty have been released. The progress of these two bounties can be viewed online.

Respectonomy has also released the final draft of its white paper, which is available on the

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