Can Brave’s Webtorrent Integration Boost Bitcoin Adoption?

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While Netflix and other video streaming services rose to prominence, Bittorrent lost a major chunk of its user base, as viewers found Netflix more convenient than downloading large files. Bitcoin-native Brave browser has recently integrated Webtorrent which could pull many consumers back to torrenting and potentially increase Bitcoin adoption.

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The Rise of Netflix

In 2008, Bittorrent traffic accounted for roughly one-third of the Internet’s bandwidth. By February 2013, it fell to a low of 3.35% worldwide. Meanwhile, video streaming operations like Netflix took its place. As of Could Brave's Webtorrent Integration Boost Bitcoin Adoption?2015, the behemoth video service accounted for 36.5% of all downstream North American Internet bandwidth during peak hours.

Last year, DSLReports researchers noted that “the sharp climb in Netflix usage continues to coincide,

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