Buying or Selling XRP With Fiat Is Easier Than Most People Think

It seems there is still a fair bit of confusion when it comes to convert XRP to a different asset. In most people’s opinion, you can only convert XRP to Bitcoin. Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer these trading pairs without any issues. However, converting XRP to fiat currency is slightly more difficult, even though there are quite a few options to do so.

XRP To Fiat Is Certainly possible

When it comes to converting your XRP holdings to EUR, USD, or other national currencies, options are seemingly limited. Very few people are aware of how the Bitstamp exchange provides an XRP/USD gateway for quite some time now. While this may not be the most liquid market, it is certainly an option worth checking out.The company also provides an XRP/EUR gateway for those who live in Europe.

Other exchanges around the world provide a similar feature. Coinspot, the Australian cryptocurrency exchange, lets users buy and sell XRP with Australian Dollar. This is another fiat currency gateway a lot of people tend to overlook. This is mostly due to there being zero interest in XRP until

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