Boston Police Will Not Buy Software to Deanonymize Tor Users After All

Contrary to earlier reports, it now appears the Boston Police will not go ahead with their drastic Darknet plans. A few weeks ago, news broke about the Boston  Police looking to buy software capable of monitoring the dark web and social media. Those plans have now been scrapped, although that doesn’t mean bitcoin users won’t be monitored in other ways.

No Monitoring Software For Darknet Activity

It is quite a relief to hear the Boston Police will not go ahead with their plan to purchase monitoring software for the darknet and social media. Said project would cost around US$1. 4m, yet it was greeted with a lot of skepticism and concern. After collecting this invaluable feedback, the decision was made to not go ahead with these plans.Privacy advocates are more than happy to learn the police department came to its senses after all.

In an official press release, the Boston Police Commissioner explained the software would “exceed their current needs”. That is rather an odd statement, as they seemed more than willing to buy the tools just a few weeks ago. While it is true darknet crime

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