Bo Polny-Jubilee Year Means Stocks, Bonds and Dollar are Toast

Greg Hunter, Published on Apr 18, 2017

Market cycle analyst Bo Polny says a “Jubilee” year is the end of seven, seven year cycles. That is 49 years, and now is the 50th year which is called a “Jubilee” year. Polny says, “49 years is the end of the cycle. So, the 50th year is a year of cleansing and a year of washing. It’s a year of debt forgiveness. . . .It’s a year of rest. It’s a debt forgiveness year. . . . The old system of debt, bonds and the dollar, those are all debt based instruments. That’s the old . . . that’s part of the cycle which ended. Now you have seven years forward of massive world changes.”
Polny also says, “Do expect that this year, 2017, markets will be falling. The dollar will be falling, and gold and silver will never be at these low prices ever again.”

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