Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu Will Firmly Support Funding of Bitcoin Unlimited

ViaBTC, the mining pool firmly supporting Bitcoin Unlimited, posted a rather intriguing Tweet earlier today. As it turns out, the CEO of Bitmain, named Jihan Wu, reaffirmed the support for Unlimited. But that is not the shocking part, as he will also help fund the project development and application of Unlimited. All of this will be confirmed during HaoBTC’s anniversary party later today.

Jihan Wu Goes All-in On Bitcoin Unlimited

It is not uncommon for company CEOs to openly talk about their favorite branch of Bitcoin development. In fact, these opinions should be cherished, as they provide valuable insight as to what other people find important. Bitcoin is all about decentralization and consensus, and every opinion needs to be taken into account whenever possible.

However, it does not often happen that a company CEO publicly states that he will fund development of a non-Bitcoin Core development branch. Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu is planning to personally fund the development of Bitcoin Unlimited, as this branch will continue to compete with Bitcoin Core regarding block size and other changes.

Jihan Wu, Bitmain CEO claimed that Bitmain will firmly support BU both in funding and application on haobtc’s 2 year anniversary

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