Bitfinex’s Public Face Resigns Due to Conspiracy Theories, Abuse

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Zane Tackett, the community director and product manager at Bitfinex, has officially announced his resignation from the exchange. Tackett reveals his leaving is due to the significant amount of rumors concerning the Bitfinex hack this past August.

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‘Insane Conspiracy Theories, Vile People, Incessant Vitriol’

bfx-stackedOn August 2 Bitfinex was hacked for 119,756 BTC, causing an uproar in the cryptocurrency community. Following the heist, the community was met by Tackett who represented the company, revealing its net losses and other elements concerning the breach. Tackett is now leaving because of the many rumors circulating around this event.

“I have decided to resign because of the draining nature of dealing with the insane conspiracy theories, the vile people, and the incessant vitriol spewed at a team who have dedicated their life to bitcoin

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