Bitcoin’s Market Dominance Wanes Slightly As Lingering Issues Remain Adoption Hurdles

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The Bitcoin network has seen significant growth over the past eight years. What started out as a niche project has turned into a global currency to be reckoned with. But if the lingering issues associated with Bitcoin are not solved anytime soon, cryptocurrency will never achieve global growth. Altcoins are breathing down Bitcoin’s neck, even though none of them comes even remotely close where usability is concerned.

The Future of Bitcoin Remains Undecided

The popularity of altcoins should be applauded, assuming they can be used for real life use cases the average consumer can relate to. In that regard, Ethereum makes very little sense to consumers, as it is very difficult to buy goods or services with it outside of the “geek realm”. The same goes for Litecoin, which, despite its appeal and acceptance, is not overly popular as a payment option either.

Bitcoin is and will remain, the clear market leader when it comes to using and spending cryptocurrency. Do keep in mind Bitcoin is still a small niche market in the sea of useful payment options, though. Anything less popular than Bitcoin will have a very difficult challenge ahead

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