Bitcoin Price Breaks $1,600 on Major Exchanges, Global Average Nears

Bitcoin price is close to reaching $1,600. Currently, as global average, bitcoin is being traded at $1,594. However, some major exchanges including Coinbase’s GDAX and Japan’s Bitflyer have already begun to list a trading value higher than $1,600, with GDAX reaching $1,623 minutes before the time of reporting.

On May 3, CryptoCoinsNews previously reported that bitcoin price established its new all-time high at $1,567, for the third time this week. Bitcoin price is continuing its week-long momentum led by the Japanese and US markets, as it quickly approaches the $1,600 region in global average.

Currently, the majority of bitcoin trading is being processed in Japan and thus, the focus of global investors and traders are set in the Japanese market and industry. The daily trading volume of the US exchange market has decreased over the past two days. The Japanese exchange market has already reached $1,600, with its dominant bitcoin exchange Bitflyer trading bitcoin at a price of

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