Bitcoin news roundup 29th October 2016

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments

New developments:

The DAO hacker cashed out nearly $100.000

The DAO hacker, who stole over 3.6 million ether, was caught last week converting roughly $100.000 worth of his stolen funds into bitcoin. The hacker reportedly used ShapeShift by splitting the funds into 2,333 ETC chunks so he could bypass restrictions. Then, he converted the currency into bitcoin, storing it at this address. According to Bok Consulting founder Bok Khoo, who has been tracking the funds for months, this is the first time the hacker tried to cash out. He still has over 3.5 million ether in his main address.

Zcash was officially launched, and traded for over $2 million on the first day

Zcash was proposed in May 2014, and since then has had a lot of backers patiently waiting for it to go live. Once it did, a trading frenzy was unleashed in which one Zec was actually sold for more than $2 million on popular altcoin exchange, Poloniex. While no one can explain the transaction did occur, the community did go crazy as the privacy prioritizing transaction tool was launched. Zcash’s biggest promise is anonymity, as it beats Monero at

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