Bitcoin Mining Pool Backs Rootstock Smart Contracts Effort

As the community of blockchain developers around the world pushes ever deeper into smart contracts, bitcoin is being left behind.

Even as the cryptocurrency on the bitcoin blockchain continues to hover around record highs, the diversity of applications being built on top of the distributed ledger of transactions plateaued years ago.

But one company is helping lead the charge to give bitcoin developers the ability to write sophisticated self-executing lines of code on top of what is widely considered the most secure blockchain.

Announced today, Argentina-based RSK (also known as Rootstock) has completed the first complete transition of a bitcoin exchange to a process called ‘merge-mining’ of its test network.

Since last week, every single miner on the Bitcoin India mining pool as been earning what RSK calls ‘smart bitcoins’ along with their share of the pool’s bitcoin rewards.

Similar to how the ethereum network is fueled by the ether cryptocurrency, the smart bitcoins mined through RSK would power the startup’s smart contract ecosystem.

RSK’s new business development manager, Henry Sraigman says the transition of bitcoin miners to the RSK merge-mining is designed to give the resilient bitcoin ecosystem increased opportunity for creativity.

Sraigman said:

“We decided not to mint

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