Bitcoin Is Not Just Safe and Secure, It’s a Healthy Currency Too!

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Bitcoin has emerged as a popular cryptocurrency for a reason. The benefits offered by Bitcoin compared to conventional fiat currency are numerous. The decentralized, secure and peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoin allows people to have complete control over their money. If those reasons aren’t enough, the use of Bitcoin comes with health benefits as well.

The physical currency notes and coins are probably some of the dirtiest things in the world. The money in circulation is handled by thousands of people in various settings, examples of which includes sweaty palms of a dock worker, bloody hands of a butcher, a mechanic’s greasy ones and more. The currency is stored in cash registers, someone’s back pockets, moldy purses, and wallets. All these things turn them into microbes’ own paradise.

A recent article on one of the leading science publication states the example of a US dollar. The dollar banknotes have an estimated lifespan of anywhere between 4 to 15 years and coins, more than 25 years. Not even once during this period is it disinfected or cleaned. Few of these banknotes potentially carry some of the deadly pathogens capable of causing anything from life-threatening blood infections to common cold.

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