Bitcoin in 2016: The Year Politics Challenged Algorithmic, Apolitical Money

Eric Lombrozo is a Bitcoin Core developer and CEO of Ciphrex, a software company developing tools and application development platforms for cryptographic transaction processing.

In this CoinDesk 2016 in Review special feature, Lombrozo recaps a fraught year in bitcoin’s development history, one that he believes should serve as a reminder of how the community should come together and recognize its common goals.


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When I first started working to develop bitcoin applications in 2011, I assumed it was a fairly stable protocol that would be unlikely to change in drastic ways – the rules were well-defined and the network was open to participation by anyone who adhered to these rules.

Despite noting plenty of ways the system’s design could have been made better in hindsight, it was clear that getting everyone on the network to adopt changes to these rules would be a difficult task.

It was feasible to have multiple implementations as long as they all followed the same rules. But even relatively small differences in behavior could introduce systemic incompatibilities that would break the network.

In general, it would be much easier to just try creating a

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