Banks Slammed as Yield Curve Tightens / Dr. Fly / Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:05am EST

You cannot have a true market scare without the banks heading lower. To start the morning, banks are stealing the show, thanks to outsized losses in a sundry of popular bank stocks. Most people are simply baffled by it. But I know precisely why they’re heading lower.

It’s the yield curve stupid. The 10-2 year treasury spread has shrunk from 135bps to 111 in the past few weeks. That trend is starting to worry investors that the great margins they were to enjoy under Trump are about to dissipate and vanish from the field of play.

Banksters have been drinking a lot as of late, celebrating a purported feckless regulations under Trump. A new era of trading greatness was supposed to commence with the revocation of Dodd-Frank. But that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon, does it? One truly gets to realize, in this anti establishment administration, the office of the Presidency is powerless against permanent government and an activist judiciary. If Trump goes along with their agenda, he’ll appear to get stuff done. If he wants to pursue his agenda, they’ll fight him tooth and nail.


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