Arizona Bill Would Ban Mandatory Tracking of Firearms By Blockchain

On January 17th, 2017, Arizona State Representative Paul Boyer introduced House Bill 2216, a piece of legislation which would ban the mandatory tracking of firearms with blockchain technology. The bill provides exceptions for firearm owners who voluntarily agree in writing to having their firearm tracked with blockchain technology, as well as an exception allowing law enforcement officers, who have obtained a valid search warrant, to use electronic firearms tracking technology in order to locate a person or firearm that is the subject of a criminal investigation.

The bill appears to be a preemptive ban on any future mandatory systems of tracking firearms electronically, not just by blockchain. Section 1 (a) of the bill states, “It is unlawful to require a person to use or be subject to electronic firearm tracking technology or to disclose any identifiable information about the person or the person’s firearm for the purpose of using electronic firearm tracking technology.” In section D of the bill, the term electronic firearm tracking technology is defined as, “a platform, system or device or a group of systems or devices that uses a shared ledger, distributed ledger or block chain technology or any other similar form of technology or electronic

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