Are You a “Trump Alarmist”? / FS STAFF / 05/08/2017

Under Trump’s “America first” policy, fears of the United States taking a more protectionist stance are justified, Reva stated. “That said, there has been a lot of alarmism, which I believe has been overblown.”

The reality is, a single individual isn’t going to be able to entirely disrupt the global trade order as it’s existed for the past 7 decades, she noted. The recent scare that occurred when we saw a draft of the executive order to walk away from NAFTA without attempting to renegotiate is a prime example.

It isn’t surprising that cooler heads prevailed and an intervention in the White House highlighted how much repealing NAFTA would harm many members of President Trump’s base, Goujon stated.

There are also questions about the president’s ability to unilaterally submit notice that the U.S. is withdrawing from a trade agreement.

“He would very likely face both legislative and judicial constraints,” Goujon said.


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