Are We at the Brink of an Industrial Revolution?

“When Horace Jones was re-imagining Old Billingsgate Market, Britain was in the throes of its Second Industrial Revolution – a time of mass innovation that changed the way people lived, worked and interacted.”

So said Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, in a speech at the British government sponsored International FinTech Conference. It implies we may be going through the same sort of transformation, a transformation driven primarily by the invention of computer code.

The internet has flattened the world. Our generation now goes to chatrooms where rich or poor, knowledgeable or idiotic, whatever religion, race or gender, scientifically inclined or in liberal arts, high position or no position, individuals from across the globe, all congregate and discuss.

It’s perhaps not much. It’s not a 19th century great factory where fumes of smoke paint the sky. Some poor kid watching the latest blockbuster at the same time as the rich kids is not wow or very visible.

A poor, but very smart individual, accessing the latest scientific thinking through the hard work of Alexandra Elbakyan who

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