Are Pizzagate’s Abedin and Weiner About to Turn State’s Evidence? / by: Mike Adams / May 7, 2017

Top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner are under intense scrutiny from the Attorney General’s office. At the center of the controversy is the delicate subject of child-sex-trafficking. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions is putting away child sex traffickers faster than on can blink.  The trail is headed toward former and disagraced Congressman, Anthony Weiner. Weiner and his wife, Abedin are next on the investigative trail. Most likely, their lives are in danger. The sources that I speak with say federal protection is in order and immunity is in order if they are willing to turn state’s evidence in what could be the biggest scandal in American political history.

Very soon, we may find out what Weiner hid on his computer as a deadan’s switch.

Here is the story…..


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