Answers Emerge: This is How Badly Uber Eats into Hertz / by Wolf Richter / May 7, 2017

Undercutting competition by burning unlimited amounts of investor cash is part of Uber’s business model. 

Shares of rental-car conglomerate Hertz Global Holdings closed at $14.98 on Friday, after reaching an all-time low of $14.32 on Thursday. These shares have only been around since last June, when Hertz spun off its equipment leasing division. They’ve plunged 73% from their high last July.

Hertz will report first quarter earnings on Monday. In the fourth quarter, it lost $440 million or $5.30 a share, much worse than “expected.” Expectations for Q1 are so low that it will be hard to report “worse than expected” numbers.

November 9 was its big day. Its shares plunged 52% to $17.20. Carl Icahn had been vociferously hyping and buying the shares, including 15 million shares during the plunge. He has lost money relentlessly.

That day, Hertz doused car-befuddled Wall Street analysts with a dose of reality about the auto bubble. Deprecation of its vehicles was soaring as residual values were dropping. It also cited falling rental volume and falling rental rates in the US.


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