All Systems Go? Ethereum Domain Effort Prepares for Launch (Again)

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After a failed initial launch, an effort to create a decentralized domain register on top of the ethereum blockchain is ready for round two.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a leaderless domain system spearheaded by Ethereum Foundation employees Nick Johnson and Alex Van de Sande, originally opened back in mid-March, but when two critical bugs were found at the last minute, the team shut down the launch to regroup, fix problems and hunt for overlooked issues.

Now, two months later, after a thorough post-mortem, including a formal independent audit and the launch of a bug bounty program, the new service is kicking off again. Hopefully, the relaunch will go without a hitch and users could soon begin bidding on domain names using the service.

But, still, the team is remaining diligent should anything else go wrong.

In a recent blog post, Chris Remus, ENS community launch manager, wrote:

“The team will watch the relaunch closely. Contingency plans are in place to alert the root key holders of the need, if any, to take further action to address unexpected critical bugs.”

What’s in a name?

So, why does ethereum need a name service anyway?

The idea is that humans naturally don’t

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