After Years of Price Gouging, Mylan’s EpiPen Gets Crushed / by Wolf Richter / Mar 7, 2017 

Under onslaught of new competition, monopoly status collapses.

Mylan’s EpiPen – the center of one of the many blistering scandals on Big Pharma price gouging – is getting hammered in the market, as competitors have burst on the scene, and as health insurers and prescribing physicians have gotten the memo. Its market share plunged from 95% to 71% in just two months!

Mylan had acquired the rights to the decades-old product in 2007. At the time, pharmacies were charged less than $100 for a two-pen set. By 2009, pharmacies were charged $103.50 for a set. Then the annual price hikes set in – “peaking every year in August, when parents of children with severe allergies typically stock up on the life-saving devices for use in schools.”

In 2016, the price spike hit $608.61 – an increase of over 500% in a decade. And this finally kicked off the uproar that landed Mylan CEO Heather Bresch on the hot seat before the House oversight committee hearing on EpiPen price increases.


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