Actually, You CAN Afford to Prep: 30 Easy Spending Cuts to Make It Possible / Daisy Luther / May 5, 2017

We can all agree that prepping costs money. It’s hard to imagine buying extra food when you feel like you can barely buy groceries to make it until the next paycheck. Thinking about spending over $100 on a prepper purchase is enough to induce a cold sweat for a lot of folks. Over at Preppers University, we charge a fee that works out to only $17.50 a week for our live course that helps folks get prepped in eight weeks flat and many people feel that even that is too much for their budgets to handle

But is it really?

Or do you actually blow more than that every single week on frivolous things? If you are like most Americans, it’s entirely likely that you have many places you could slash spending with very little effect on your quality of life.


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