A Public-Private Ethereum? It Won’t Be As Easy As It Sounds

Many ethereum developers have high hopes that the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, backed by the likes of JPMorgan and Microsoft, will help to join private blockchains tailored toward the corporate world with the larger ethereum network.

Launched in Brooklyn last week, the group aims to provide the tools to make ethereum, which currently faces scalability and privacy challenges, more usable for companies.

But, one vision is that it will do more than that – like help to spur larger scale adoption of ethereum.

While ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin argued at the launch event that developers of enterprise blockchains and developers of the larger ethereum network should work together to solve shared problems, ConsenSys chief of staff Jeremy Millar argued in the opening speech that it will one day be possible to connect the two types at a more technical level.

He offered an analogy:

“We talk about ‘the internet’ as if it’s one thing. It’s not one thing. The internet is a network of networks. That is how the internet is built. That’s important to note in the context of private and public networks.”

The latest reminder of this effort comes from a newly released paper, “Ethereum Enterprise Vision,” which outlines a variety of

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