A Noob’s Guide to I2P-Bote

As darknets go, some people may think of I2P as one of the more technically-oriented ones. For that reason, I think it deserves more tutorials!

If you’ve already read our 2013 article Full Guide: How to Access I2P Sites Use themarketplace.i2p, then you at least have some idea how to access I2P.

Therefore, I thought I2P-Bote, a messaging platform that operates over the I2P network, deserved a little attention.

Synchronous Email!

Does the term “asynchronous communication” ring a bell? In a nutshell, it means transmission of data with a time lag. Email and forum communications are two well-known examples.

Unlike most email platforms, I2P-Bote is asynchronous, and built for privacy and anonymity. Obviously, it operates over the I2P network, and therefore it is quite a bit more secure and anonymous than a standard email provider (e.g. Gmail).

Tales from the Crypto

One of the major ways in which I2P-Bote is more secure than its email competitors is through its use of encryption. If you’re using a clearnet email provider, you would type in the sender’s address, which might look something like [email protected].

I2P-Bote, on the other hand, uses cryptographic keys as destinations, which are generated via a

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