(+) 50 Billion Baby! – Buffett Blew It

Some call it the Woodstock of stocks. The Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting draws a huge crowd where everyone listens closely to what the oracle has to say.

He really spilled the beans this year, reassuring investors of his plans to continue the business after he dies as well as reflecting on some of his biggest mistakes.

The one that seems to stick out most in today’s headlines is that he blew it big time when it comes to tech. He bought way too much IBM and not nearly enough Amazon and Google.

You see, what comes naturally to some people simply doesn’t compute with others and vice versa, that’s why everybody invests in their own way. Investors like Warren Buffet represent the old world. We can already see the tech-tonic shift happening.

At this moment, half of the world’s top ten richest people made their money in the technology sector.

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Congratulations to the people of France who have resoundingly voted to block fascism. It may sound like the obvious thing to do but given the world’s collective choices lately, even this choice seemed too close to a reality for comfort. The world thanks you for your level headed decision.

The results were no surprise

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